Doctor LI Active & Rejuven Essence 15ml

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  1.     Repair skin aging, and improve the troubles of fine lines such as nasolabial fold, forehead fold, expression fold
  2.     Improve loose, wrinkle, dryness and roughness skin. Provide a firm and plump cheeks with moisturization
  3.     After medical beauty treatment, it enhances beauty effects

Suitable skin types:

  • Pre-aging/aging skin; fragile and sensitive skin after medical beauty treatments


Promotes collagen production + Restores firmness to skin

A selection of different patented ingredients and natural extracts for easily damaged and sensitive skin


The effect is better than that of vitamin C. By protecting the FGF-2 fibroblast growth factor, promoting the synthesis of collagen and glucosamine, it can smooth the skin texture, firm and plump the skin, and keep the skin young

More than 90% of skin aging is caused by photoaging. Cassia leaves are rich in K3OS flavonoids, which have been proven to be an effective antioxidant extract that can repair UV-induced DNA damage and prevent photoaging

Dendrobium stem, Aloe vera leaf, Sophora flavescens root, Ningxia wolfberry fruit, Echinacea purpurea and other plant extract complexes inject sufficient moisture into the skin, repair the skin barrier, lock in moisture, and achieve continuous moisturizing effect

The effect of epidermal regeneration is comparable to that of glycolic acid, and it will not irritate the skin. It can significantly reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, and soften and brighten the skin

3 reviews for Doctor LI Active & Rejuven Essence 15ml

  1. Nico Li

    fit to my skin

  2. Lily Wong

    really love this serum, not sticky, absorb very fast 🙂 recommended

  3. Mm


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