Doctor LI Calmme & Strengthening Essence 15ml

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  1. Takes 3 days first aid for sensitive, soothing redness, dry itching, burning, tingling and other discomforts
  2. Repair problems such as red blood, damaged and fragile barriers after medical beauty treatment
  3. Strengthen skin barrier, strengthen skin texture, maintain skin condition, moisturizing and brightening

Suitable skin types:

  • All skin types, especially sensitive skin; suitable after medical beauty treatments


Four in one: Defense + Strengthening + Repairing + Soothing

Calmme & Strengthening Essence is specially designed for fragile and sensitive skin. Through the golden ratio of patented moisturizing ingredients plus red reducing and soothing compound, it can effectively enhance the absorption and restore healthy and beautiful skin.


Dendrobium stems, Aloe vera leaves, Sophora flavescens roots, Ningxia wolfberry fruit, Echinacea purpurea and other plant extract complexes help activate the expression of skin aquaporin AQP3, inject sufficient moisture into the skin, and repair the skin barrier. Locks in moisture and achieves moisturizing effect. That is, it helps the skin to open up the “drainage” and consolidate the “dam”, so as to quickly and effectively solve sensitive problems such as dryness, itching and tightness.

5 kinds of plant extracts and enzyme complexes of false leaf root, centella asiatica, horse chestnut saponin, licorice, hydrolyzed yeast protein, quickly repair red blood and even skin tone.

A complex of plant extracts such as Astragalus, Fangfeng, Gastrodia, Calendula, Albizia fragrans, etc., relieves skin discomfort such as redness, swelling, stinging, and burning.

2 reviews for Doctor LI Calmme & Strengthening Essence 15ml



  2. Karen chan

    非常保濕抗敏, 而家轉季唔再痕癢了👍

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