Doctor LI Finesse & Pore Refining Essence 15ml

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  1. Oil control, astringent pores, savior for oily and acne prone skin
  2. Improve the dullness and roughness skins, it helps to make the skin smooth and delicate, translucent and moist
  3. Post care after medical beauty treatment to enhance beauty effects

Suitable skin types:

  • Delicate and sensitive skin care after medical beauty treatments, especially suitable for oily or acne prone skin


Leading technology + countless plant materials

Selected scientific research ingredients that contain Nobel Prize, coupled with natural plant extracts, can quickly and effectively shrink pores, balance oil secretion, and make the skin perform at its best.


Excessive sebum secretion can affect the skin texture, therefore, reducing the amount of sebum secretion will reduce the pores and make the skin delicate and smooth. Kidney tea extract is an extract from Javanese tea and the only cosmetic ingredient that can control sebum production by altering hormonal activity.

Kidney tea extract reduces the conversion of male hormone testosterone (T) to more active dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by inhibiting type I 5-α-reductase that acts on skin oil secretion, and relieves sebaceous glands caused by excessive DHT content Hyperfunction, improve local skin tissue oil secretion, prevent sebum oxidation. Moreover, the amount of kidney tea extract added in this formula is 2%, and the effect of oil control and gloss is more obvious.

The former has the same effect of promoting skin metabolism as glycolic acid, and it is mild and non-irritating; combined with the moisturizing effect of boxing ginseng root extract, the formula has the obvious effect of shrinking pores.

Plant moisturizing essence, hydrating and moisturizing, bright and smooth skin.

Two patented moisturizing ingredients, external hydration, internal repair, moisturizing for up to 5 days.

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    Great product!

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