Heroina Sun Cream SPF50+,PA++++


✅A physical all-round sunscreen from Korea

✅Completed 7 clinical tests

✅Full ingredient EWG green rating

✅Chemical free

✅Suitable for sensitive skin

✅Gentle and moisturising

✅No greasy feeling


  • Physical sunscreens are made up of solid particles that reflect, scatter and refract UV rays, just like wearing a reflective suit.
  • Physical sunscreens have less impact on the body and are not absorbed by the skin, making them suitable for sensitive skin or young children. On the contrary, chemical sunscreens are more likely to be absorbed by the skin, so some people who use them may develop pimples and even other skin irritations.
  • The SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, so the higher the value, the longer the protection period.
  • PA stands for Protection Grade of UV-A. The higher the PA “+” value, the better the protection and the longer the delay in tanning.


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