JHc Bikaminomoto (120 tablets)


✅Local R&D and production in Japan

✅HACCP certified factory

✅Patented in USA and Japan

✅Japanese Food Analysis Center authoritative testing

✅Hong Kong STC Authentication

✅Clinically proven

❌No preservatives

❌No side effects


  • Contains HGP, a hydrolysate of egg yolk proteins, which helps to increase the value of hair papilla cells and nurture hair mother cells.
  • Black ginger is added as an anti-androgenic and anti-hair loss antioxidant.
  • The addition of liquorice extract promotes the value-added of hair epithelial cells and enhances the value-added of propanoside B-2.
  • Zinc is added for its strong antioxidant effect. Promotes cellular metabolism. Helps to prevent hair loss by maintaining zinc levels in the blood.
  • Added copper to promote zinc absorption. Easily absorbed through a 10:1 ratio of zinc to copper


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