Kirei Hada Aqua Moisture Sheet Mask 15ml/4pcs



Effective in inhibiting acne-causing agents

Suitable skin types :

All skin types


Highly safe and can be used by pregnant women

The botanicals used are mainly sourced from farms in Japan and Taiwan.

The plants come from the most suitable areas for their growth and are planted, harvested, extracted and transported in a natural, organic, ancient and traditional way.

“Non-Toxic, Non-Harmful, Non-Polluting, Non-Burdensome”

No harmful substances added

No animal testing

Curacao Aloe Leaf Juice – Calming and soothing, highly moisturizing

Wrinkles extract – Smoothes fine lines and enhances elasticity

Sage seed extract – rejuvenates and hydrates

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 – Tones the skin, improving dullness and fatigue

Cactus Extract – helps to maintain skin hydration levels and improve dryness and roughness. It also reduces the release of inflammatory factors and has an anti-inflammatory effect


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