Doctor LI Lumin & Clear Essence 15ml

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  1. Improve the dullness, yellowish skin, and uneven skin tone, to make the skin looks bright and translucent
  2. Improve roughness, wrinkles to make the skin more delicate and smoother
  3. After medical beauty treatment, it enhances beauty effects

Suitable skin types:

  • All skin types, especially those who stay up late with dull skin; repair after medical beauty treatments.


4 in 1: Whitening + Cleansing + Freckles removal + Brightening

It has an intelligent water lock-in mechanism and with ultra-high antioxidant ingredient ferulic acid to improve the utilization rate of biological whitening activity and achieve natural and healthy whitening and translucent skin care effects.


A complex mixture of phospholipids (commonly found in animal and plant tissues) isolated from egg yolks. It is beneficial to the metabolism of cells, restore the function of tissues and organs, and delay aging.

Plant extract complex ingredients, including strawberry saxifrage, papaya fruit, guava fruit extract, 3 natural snow skin plant extracts, the effect is 3 times higher than kojic acid, can inhibit 90% of melanin formation, can sense skin more Translucent and even.

Excessive sebum secretion can affect the skin texture, therefore, reducing the amount of sebum secretion will reduce the pores and make the skin delicate and smooth. Kidney tea extract is an extract from Javanese tea and the only cosmetic ingredient that can control sebum production by altering hormonal activity.

Kidney tea extract reduces the conversion of male hormone testosterone (T) to more active dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by inhibiting type I 5-α-reductase that acts on skin oil secretion, and relieves sebaceous glands caused by excessive DHT content Hyperfunction, improve local skin tissue oil secretion, prevent sebum oxidation. Moreover, the amount of kidney tea extract added in this formula is 2%, and the effect of oil control and gloss is more obvious.

A class of amphoteric lipids containing a sphingosine backbone with a long-chain fatty acid attached to one end and a polar alcohol to the other. Sphingolipid is a kind of anti-aging ingredient, which can mainly resist the external stimulation of the skin, strengthen the normal metabolism of keratin, and lock the moisture of the stratum corneum.

2 reviews for Doctor LI Lumin & Clear Essence 15ml

  1. Yvonne

    比較厚,但快吸收, 瞓覺前使用都幾好

  2. Yuen

    love that natural and helpful

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