We Search the latest skincare Trend on the social media, utilizing in marketing strategies.
We collect all the Hot-Selling product information on E-commerce, analyze their product features for analysis & optimize new product launch.
For each product, we do a detailed assessment of target market to ensure its competitiveness.
We obtain product insights from customer feedback analysis and use this analysis to ensure customer satisfaction.
We identify competitors and suggest different marketing strategies in new product launch.

Competitive Strengths

In M2C, we have the World’s Top Innovative Skincare Formulations, which make us a New Benchmark in the Skincare Market.
Our Innovative R&D Strengths drive the below 3 Product Strengths:
Highest Cost–performance Ratio

Cost–performance Ratio

Reasonable Price Setting with most Effective Function
By Collecting and Analyzing the Big Aata, we have Optimized the Price Setting with corresponding Products in different functions. This enables us to offer the HIGHEST Cost Price (CP) Ratio Private Label Skincare Products.
Lowest MOQ

Lowest MOQ

Qty 100 or More is Now Available to have your Skincare brand.
With M2C, minimum order quantity can help your new Skincare products to be launched Without Large Cash Investments at the very beginning stage.


We offer the Simplest Private Label Process.

Shortest Lead time in ONLY 6 Weeks once the order is confirmed, Shorter Delivery Times bring New Products to be launched faster, helping you to Reduce Large Amount of Inventory.

Why Functional Skincare?

Strictly Select Functional Ingredients Which Meets The Highest Standard:

  1. Free from 1000 Harmful Chemicals
  2. Dermatologically Tested
  3. Safety Proved Ingredients
  4. Cruelty-Free
Highest Standard

Strictly Select Functional Formulations:

Our Functional Formulations target Every Skin Problem, such as Anti-aging, Sensitive Skin, Acne-prone Skin, Anti-dark Spot, as well as Smoothing & Repairing Skin after High Energy Facial Treatments.

Product Quality Assurance

M2C produces skincare products in the Highest Standard Production Line with all the Proper Certifications including ISO and GMP.